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Blueberry plants are back

Plant today and get berries next Spring.

I get Blueberry plants from a Mississippi Blueberry farm.  These plants are 3 years old and about 3 feet tall. These varieties are what they grow in the fields for commercial sales. Blueberry plants can handle a lot of sun.

I have 2 varieties for sale.  Premier ripens in June and Brighwell ripens in July.

Keep in mind you need two different varieties of Blueberry plants to make Blueberries.

Blueberry can be planted 4 feet apart for a hedge, 6 feet apart in a garden, 10 feet apart free standing. Maxium distance for 2 plants is line of sight.

Blueberries grow very will if planted in Organic soil.



More Blueberry info


Ray 504-931-9768 2032 Pasadena Ave. Metairie, La.

$10 each----3 or 4 more plants, $9 each------5 or more, $8 each


Plant Blueberries in Organic Garden Soil or Organic Potting Mix.

Plant Bluberries 3 inches below ground level, any soil on the top 3 inches.

Mulch with 6 inches of grass clippings or pine needles.

Fertilize with 1 Tablespoon of 13-13-13 in February, April, June, and August.


To freeze blueberries, do not wash them when picked. Simply pour them into a zip bag and place in freezer. Wash when you use them.

The farm