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Arbequina Olive Trees

 INFO ON OLIVE TREES. 504-931-9768

Arbequina Olives are the most popular type grown in California. 80% of the olive crop in California are Arbequina. 80% of the olive crop in Spain are Arbequina Olives. Most of the olive crop in Baton Rouge, La. are Arbequina Olives trees. LSU in Hammond, La. recently planted an acre of Olive trees.

These trees are well shaped, very attractive and glisten in the sunlight. Landscapers plant the ornamental variety of this tree for looks only.

The Arbequina olive tree is-----

bug resistant, salt air resistant, wind resistant, heat resistant, cold resistant, drought resistant and fire resistant.

I strongly suggest you plant this tree in a 25 or 50 gallon pot in organic soil for the first 50 years and water with rain water once every 2 or 3 weeks. This tree will live for a very long time. In a pot, you can take it with whenever you move. This is a compact tree. With proper pruning it grows to a 8 foot round ball and holds that shape for a lot of years. 100 year old olive trees are worth $10,000.



 One year old trees in 5 gallon pots about 4 feet tall. $50 each



INFO . 504-931-9768  2032 Pasadena Ave. Metairie, La.